Electric Hot Water Heater

Repair Guide and Troubleshooting of Electric Water Heater

The electric hot water heater guide assumes that the heater was installed properly and operating as required before the development of any problem.

Electric hot water heater comes with two thermostats; the first one near the top of the tank, and the other one near the bottom of the tank. Both thermostats are covered by removable metallic cover plates. Moreover, they are firmly pressed against the metal wall of the tank.

Gas Water Heater

Your Basic Guide to Gas Water Heater Maintenance

If you have a gas water heater, it is important to know when to have it professionally serviced. Understanding how to detect when maintenance may be required can be critical to the safety of your home. Whether you are installing or turning on your gas water heater for the first time or trying to familiarise yourself as much as possible with its functions, we hope you will find something of value in our tips and troubleshooting guide.


Hot Water System Replacement
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