Rinnai Solar Hot Water Systems

Rinnai products are designed to allow you to save money, energy, and the environment.

That is why it is vital for your to own one on our solar hot water systems at home.

Living in Australia is a privilege since it makes a lot of sense.

Here, you have a chance to utilize the clean, inexhaustible and free supply of energy directly from the sun.

Through many research and development, Rinnai has managed to develop a wide range of highly efficient solar water systems.

Rinnai Hot Water Storage Systems

Offering Innovative Solutions For Hot Water Storage Systems

Rinnai’s wide range of hot water storage systems - single and twin electric gas storage tanks, electric storage tanks and heat pumps are a perfect solution for replacing your current storage tank installation.

The comprehensive range of their storage tanks, as well as the different sizing, you can be sure you will always find a water tank right for your use.

Rinnai Infinity Hot Water Systems

Rinnai prides itself for having transformed the way in which Australians enjoy hot water.

Significant transformations occurred in the 90s when this company the first dully electronic gas continuous flow hat water system was launched.

This system was named Rinnai Infinity hot water system.

The main reason behind the adoption of this name is because this system never ran out of the water.

Therefore, the continuous flow of hot water was experienced and admired by many households during this period.


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