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Bosch Hot Water Systems by Inline

Only getting cold water? Dirty water? Leaking system?

Do you have a Bosch water heater that needs repairing or replacing? Inline are experts with all Bosch hot water systems, so call us on 1300 465 463. See Bosch hot water options here.

satisfaction guaranteed Get Hot Water Fast!

Save money and solve your cold shower problem fast!

Don’t tolerate cold showers anymore.

If you have concerns with your system, you must get repairs QUICK! Don’t hesitate – phone the local specialists now on 1300 INLINE (1300 465 463).

Working daily in Sydney and other regions, we can assure you that within a few hours, one of our experts will get to you. We have been leaders in the industry for over 25 years and have extensive experience with these heaters. Please read our testimonials as proof of our professional and affordable service.

Select one of the following products: Bosch 26E Electronic Highflow, Bosch Ci10 Internal Compact, Bosch 16H Hydropower, Bosch 16P Pilot Ignition, Bosch 32 Continuous Flow.

Bosch hot water repair parts

Here are some of the common Bosch hot water heater parts our expert Bosch repairers carry with them :

  • Gas : Bosch Ignition pack, Bosch Hydro generator, Bosch Thermocouples & more
  • Valves : Bosch Pressure Relief Valves, Gas Valves & more
  • Repair Kits : Bosch Diaphragm Kits & more

For replacement of your Bosch Hot Water Heater, the following Bosch hot water systems are a sample of those available :

Bosch Hot Water Systems – Continuous Gas

Recent Bosch Jobs:


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