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Bosch Hot Water Systems – 25 years experience Sydney.

Bosch hot water heater not working? Dirty water? Leaking Bosch hot water system?

Do you have a Bosch gas hot water system that needs repairing or replacing? Inline are experts with all Bosch continuous flow gas hot water systems, so call us 1300 465 463. See Bosch hot water options here.

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If you have concerns with your Bosch hot water heater, you must get repairs QUICK! Don’t hesitate – phone the Bosch hot water specialists now on 1300 INLINE ( 1300 465 463 ).

Working daily in Sydney and other regions, we can assure you that within a few hours, one of our Bosch hot water experts will get to you. We have been leaders in the hot water industry for over 25 years and have extensive experience with Bosch hot water heaters. Please read our testimonials as proof of our professional and affordable service.

For Bosch hot water system options, select one of the following Bosch hot water products: Bosch 26E Electronic Highflow, Bosch Ci10 Internal Compact, Bosch 16H Hydropower, Bosch 16P Pilot Ignition, Bosch 32 Continuous Flow.

Bosch hot water repair parts

Here are some of the common Bosch hot water heater parts our expert Bosch repairers carry with them :

  • Bosch Gas Hot Water System parts: Bosch Ignition pack, Bosch Hydro generator, Bosch Thermocouples  & more
  • Bosch Hot Water Valves: Bosch Pressure Relief Valves, Gas Valves & more
  • Bosch Hot Water Heater repair kits: Bosch Diaphragm Kits & more

For replacement of your Bosch Hot Water Heater, the following Bosch hot water systems are a sample of those available :

Bosch Hot Water Systems – Continuous Gas

The Bosch Continuous Flow gas hot water systems have changed the hot water habits of Australian households over the last 50 years.  By introducing the largest and best range of Continuous systems, Bosch Hot Water became pioneers converting many people from the original storage tanks, offering an efficient alternative to the traditional gas tanks. Bosch hot water heaters will only heat the water when you need it, so you and the rest of the household are never without hot water when showering.


Bosch Gas Hot Water Systems (Continuous) – “Bosch 26E Electronic Highflow” (outdoor)

One of the most popular Bosch gas hot water systems is the “Bosch 26E”. Being part of the Bosch Electronic “Highflow” range, this Bosch 26E offers a higher capacity than those available in the other Bosch hot water ranges. These Bosch Electronic “Highflow” systems come in a 17, 21 and 26 Litre per minute variety (ie. Bosch 17e, Bosch 21e and Bosch 26e), with the Bosch 26e most popular as it is suitable for more than one bathroom households and yet it is only slightly taller than the 17e and 21e. As well as being compact and space saving in design, the Bosch Electronic Highflow units have been specifically produced to offer maximum energy efficiency (saving on energy bills) with a star rating of over 5.5, and are environmentally friendly at the same time. As the Bosch 26e model delivers 26 Litres/min, it ensures that at times of heavy usage (such as in the morning when more than one shower may be operating at the same time), it will not let the family down. So, if you have a two or three bathroom home or you have a spa bath (or large bath), Bosch recommends the larger capacity Bosch 26e – if only one bathroom, the smaller capacity Bosch 17e or Bosch 21e suits.The Bosch 26e Continuous Flow gas hot water system is covered by Bosch’s reputable name as well as a prestigious 5.53 Star energy rating, providing you with uncompromised quality in water heating as well as enormous savings on your energy bill and reducing your carbon footprint. This Bosch 26E is also one of the safest systems available, being offered in a 50°C pre-set model, therefore preventing scalding and burning. While offering exclusive continuous hot water, the Bosch 26E is installation friendly with its compact design, has a special anti-frost for those cold winters, and the flexibility of being available in Natural Gas and LPG.The Bosch 26E includes a brand new feature, which not many of the continuous systems in the market have, and that is its solar compatibility – meaning if you do decide to go solar in the future, the Bosch 26E can very easily adapt and be hooked up to the new solar setup. In today’s changing world, this solar compatibility makes the Bosch 26e a very attractive option, as there is no hassle and you do not need a solar transfer valve. Bosch provides the following warranty on the Bosch 26e :

  1. A Bosch Hot Water 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger (part only)
  2. A Bosch Hot Water 3 year warranty on all parts and labour

The Bosch 26e must be installed externally which is never a problem due to its small, modern and space saving design. For optimum efficiency, the preferred location for installation of your Bosch 26e (or 21e or 17e) is that closest to your most frequently used outlets, such as the shower or kitchen. Up to 4 optional temperature controllers are available for installation with all of the Bosch Electronic Highflow units (26e, 21e, 17e), and the anti-frost feature comes standard.

The Bosch Hot Water model numbers for the Bosch Electronic Highflow range are :

  • Bosch Gas 26e – 26 Litres/min capacity (suits 2-3 bathrooms)
  • Bosch Gas 21e – 21 Litres/min capacity (suits 1 bathroom)
  • Bosch Gas 17e – 17 Litres/min capacity (suits 1 bathroom)


Bosch Continuous Gas Hot Water Systems – “Bosch Internal Compact” (Ci10, Ci13, Ci16)

Made for homes where outside installation is not possible, the updated “Bosch Internal Compact” has been designed with a focus on compact design, easy wall-hung installation, no requirement for a power point and energy efficiency. These Bosch Internal Compact units come in three capacities – a flow rate of 10, 13 or 16 Litres per minute, and are offered in Natural Gas and LPG versions. The Bosch Internal Compact units are an easy replacement where there is an already existing internal unit. Suitable flue sizes for these Bosch Internal Compact units are 100mm for the Bosch 20Ci, and 125mm for the Bosch 13Ci and Bosch 16Ci, and flue kits are available if needed.

Bosch’s new “Bosch Ci10 Internal Compact” gas hot water system (pictured) is one of the most advanced continuous hot water systems on the market using state of the art hot water technology. This Bosch Ci10 system supplies a modest 10 Litres/min suiting any single bathroom household and it allows water to be heated even when only small amounts of water is being used. The Bosch Ci10 (as well as the Bosch Ci13 and Bosch Ci16) has automatic ignition, therefore not requiring a power outlet. All the Bosch Internal Compact gas hot water systems are backed by a generous Bosch 10 year warranty on the unit, as well as having Bosch’s improved safety features, providing peace of mind.

The Bosch Ci10 system has been specifically designed for tight spots as it’s small, compact, sleek design, together with its flexible water connections, will allow you to install it where space is limited. Being designed for internal installation only, the Bosch Ci10 is also ideal for frost prone areas. A brand new feature of the Bosch Internal Compact range is its built-in digital display that not only shows the temperature, but also any fault codes, so that you will know exactly what is wrong with the system if a problem occurs. The Bosch warranty on this Bosch Internal Compact gas continuous range is:

  1. A Bosch Hot Water 10 year labour warranty on the heat exchanger (part only)
  2. A Bosch Hot Water 2 year warranty on parts and labour

Bosch are highly respected for their environmentally friendly hot water systems, and the Bosch Ci10 represents this by being fully recyclable, including all of its components. Both Natural Gas and LPG are available giving the customers flexibility in their hot water system choices. Bosch also provides two more models as part of the Internal Compact range, the 13 litre/min model and the 16 litre/min model.

The Bosch Hot Water model numbers for the Bosch Internal Compact range are:

  • Bosch Gas Ci10 – 10 Litre/min (suits 1 bathroom)
  • Bosch Gas Ci13 – 13 Litre/min (suits 1 bathroom)
  • Bosch Gas Ci16 – 16 Litre/min (suits 1-2 bathrooms)



Bosch Continuous Gas Hot Water Systems – “Bosch External Hydropower” (10H, 13H, 16H)

As an alternative to the new “Bosch Electronic Highflow” range outlined above, the “Bosch External Hydropower” range offers continuous hot water without the need for a power point, and without a standing pilot light. This revolutionary ignition system is a strong feature distinguishing the “Bosch External Hydropower” range from the more traditional “Bosch Pilot Ignition” range (outlined in the next category below), resulting in very efficient heating of water. How this Bosch External Hydropower system works is that it uses energy created from the water flow to thereby ignite its burner, which subsequently starts the heating process. The Bosch Hydropower only ignites once a hot water tap is turned on, but immediately turns itself off when the hot water tap is turned back off. A result of this revolutionary ignition system is a Bosch Hydropower unit that is supremely efficient as well as easy to install. The Bosch External Hydropower range comprises three different models – the Bosch 10H, Bosch 13H and Bosch 16H.The largest of these continuous gas hot water systems is the ”Bosch 16H Hydropower” (pictured). This Bosch hot water system delivers 16 Litres/min which is more than enough for any household. Covered by Bosch’s reputable warranty, as well as their focus on energy efficient systems, the Bosch 16H will save you a fortune in energy costs. The main feature of the Bosch 16H (as well as 13H & 10H) is its ability to run without electricity or a standing pilot light, by using the energy created from water flow to ignite the burner and begin heating. The Bosch 16H Hydropower only heats water when a hot water tap is turned on, thereby saving you on your energy bill. For colder climates, an exogel valve is recommended, but for areas prone to drop below 0°C only the Bosch Internal Compact and Bosch External Highflow systems are good options. Other suitable systems for these colder conditions are the Bosch 26eco+ and the Bosch 32 Series models. Bosch hot water systems are renowned for their compact design and the Bosch 16H Hydropower depicts this as it is installation friendly, providing the customer flexibility in their installation options. The Bosch warranty on the Bosch 10H, 13H and 16H Hydropower models  is:

  1. A Bosch Hot Water 10 year labour warranty on the heat exchanger (part only)
  2. A Bosch Hot Water 2 year warranty on parts and labour

This Bosch Hydropower range is available in both Natural Gas and LPG giving customers the choice when deciding on their hot water system options. The other choice a consumer needs to make is between the Bosch 10 litre/min, 13 litre/min and 16 litre/min models.

The Bosch Hot Water model numbers for this Bosch Hydropower range are:

  • Bosch Gas 10H – 10 Litre/min capacity (suits 1 bathrooms)
  • Bosch Gas 13H – 13 Litre/min capacity (suits 1 bathrooms)
  • Bosch Gas 16H – 16 Litre/min capacity (suits 1-2 bathrooms)



Bosch Continuous Gas Hot Water Systems – “Bosch Pilot Ignition” (10P & 16P – outdoor)

In contrast to the new “Bosch External Hydro” range referred to above, there is an alternative “Bosch Pilot Ignition” range, more suitable to the budget conscious consumer. This traditional “Bosch Pilot Ignition” has a standing pilot light, which is maintained through the life of the unit. The Bosch Pilot Ignition range also provides continuous hot water whenever a tap is turned on, does not require a power point, and only heats when needed, thus presenting itself as an economical option.”Bosch 16P Pilot Ignition” (pictured) is the largest capacity of the Bosch Pilot Ignition range. This Bosch hot water system delivers a generous amount of 16 Litres/min, which is perfect for most households.These Bosch continuous gas hot water systems are backed by Bosch’s renowned warranty and their economical running costs, saving you on your energy bill. A major benefit of this Bosch 16P Pilot Ignition is its constant reliable supply of hot water, so you will never be left without hot water. Another benefit of the Bosch 16P Pilot Ignition unit (and the smaller Bosch 10P) is its compact design, allowing flexibility of location for installation, in contrast to the larger traditional storage water heaters. Whereas the smaller Bosch 10P Pilot Ignition model comes in both Natural Gas and LPG options, the Bosch 16P only comes in Natural Gas. Both of these Bosch Pilot Ignition models are for outdoors only. The warranty on both the Bosch 10P and Bosch 16P Pilot Ignition models is:

  1. A Bosch Hot Water 10 year labour warranty on the heat exchanger (part only)
  2. A Bosch Hot Water 2 year warranty on parts and labour

These Bosch Pilot Ignition systems are not suitable to areas prone to long periods of frost and/or sub-zero temperatures. In these instances, the more suitable water heaters are the indoor “Bosch Internal Compact” or the outdoor “Bosch Electronic Highflow” systems. Other options are the Bosch 26eco+, the Bosch 32 series models, as well as the Bosch 32C.

The Bosch Hot Water model numbers for the Bosch Pilot Ignition range are:

  • Bosch Gas 10P – 10 Litre/min capacity (suits 1 bathrooms)
  • Bosch Gas 16P – 16 Litre/min capacity (suits 1-2 bathrooms)



Bosch Continuous Gas Hot Water Systems – “Bosch 32 series” (indoor & outdoor)

Designed for the largest of homes, the “Bosch 32″ series delivers 32 litres per minute and can be installed either indoor or outdoor. They are most suitable for homes with more than 3 bathrooms, otherwise the Bosch 26e is the most suitable Bosch unit for most outdoor installations. Depending on the model, the Bosch 32 series offers continuous hot water at a prestigious 4.8 or 6 Star energy rating, making it very energy efficient. Therefore, not only does the Bosch 32 series range provide a very generous 32 Litres/min of hot water, fulfilling all the household hot water needs of the largest homes, but it also does it at a low energy cost to the user. These Bosch 32 series continuous gas hot water systems are covered by a special manufacturer 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger (for domestic) whilst providing a 5 year warranty (for commercial). The Bosch 32 series units are made with commercial-grade components throughout giving it a robust design. Whether it be the Bosch 32, Bosch 32Q or Bosch 32C, the following warranty applies :

  1. A Bosch Hot Water 10 year warranty on the Heat Exchanger (Domestic)
  2. A Bosch Hot Water 3 year warranty on the Heat Exchanger (Domestic)
  3. A Bosch Hot Water 5 year warranty on the Heat Exchanger (Commercial)
  4. A Bosch Hot Water 2 year warranty on the Heat Exchanger (Commercial)

One difference between the Bosch 32C and the other 32′s (Bosch 32  and Bosch 32Q) is the method of heating technology used. Whereas the Bosch 32 and Bosch 32Q use traditional continuous heating methods, the Bosch 32C uses Condensing Technology (and this won it the “Eco Buy Awards” in 2011). The way this technology works with the Bosch 32C is that the Bosch condensing units are able to capture the heat from the exhaust gases and thus use this to heat the incoming water, making the Bosch 32C the most energy efficient of the Bosch Commercial Gas systems.

Another difference between these Bosch 32 series systems is the Star Rating. Whereas the Bosch 32 and Bosch 32Q have a 4.8 Star Rating, the Bosch 32C has a 6 Star Rating for energy efficiency. Further differences are that the more advanced Bosch 32C is available in a 50 Degree limited model, and also the Bosch 32C is compatible with solar hot water. A similarity between these Bosch 32 series units is that they are all offered in both Natural Gas and LPG, and are also able to installed either indoors or outdoors. Special flue is required for indoor installations and a different flue and special vent cap (both from Bosch themselves) is needed for outdoor installations.

The optional 3 temperature controllers available with the Bosch 32 series units will give you complete command over your entire system, giving you reassurance over the safety of all users. A unique feature is the optional manifold which enables the system to be combined with storage tanks to maximise energy efficiency in both domestic and commercial situations.

The Bosch Hot Water 32 series model numbers, rating & suitability are :

  • Bosch Gas 32 – 32 Litre/min, 4.8 Star (suits 3+ bathrooms)
  • Bosch Gas 32Q – 32 L/min, 4.8 Star (suits 3+ bathrooms)
  • Bosch Gas 32C – 32 L/min, 6 Star (suits 3+ bathrooms)

Recent Bosch Jobs:

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  • Seven Hills, Sydney – Install Bosch WR250 in laundry room in place of not heating Bosch WR250 over 10 year old.
  • Carlton, Southern Suburbs Sydney – Supply only of Bosch 16H including free delivery to site.
  • Newtown, Inner West Sydney – Repair no hot water Bosch hot water system by cleaning faulty pilot injector.
  • Blacktown, Western Sydney – Install Bosch WR250 plus adjust pipework for inlet and outlet to hot water system.
  • Mt Druitt, Sydney – Installation of Bosch WR250 in laundry room in place of existing faulty Bosch WR250.
  • Bondi, Estern Suburbs Sydney – Replacing no hot water Bosch Water Wizard 960 Gas with Bosch 16H.
  • Chester Hill, Sydney – Supply & install Bosch WR250 in place of no hot water Valliant Gas water heater.
  • Bondi Junction, Eastern Suburbs Sydney – Installation of Bosch TF250 in place of faulty Bosch Water Wizard 960.
  • Baulkham Hills, North West Sydney – Replacing Bosch 26E which was not working with Bosch 26E Highflow.
  • Moss Vale, Sydney – Install new Bosch 16H HydroPower outdoor on wall replacing faulty Bosch Gas 16H.
  • Wakely, Sydney – Bosch 13H Hydropower installation in place of old  Chaffoteaux gas continuous flow on kitchen wall with flue bending to outside.
  • Hornsby Heights, Sydney – Install Bosch 16 Hydropower replacing Bosch Gas 16H which has intermittent hot water issue.
  • Sutherland, Southern Suburbs Sydney – Repair leak from Bosch Hydropower hot water heater by replacing hydrogenerator.
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  • Artarmon, Sydney – Replace Bosch Hydropower 16H with new Bosch Electronic Highflow 26E.
  • Manly, Northern Suburbs Sydney – Replace Bosch 13P continuous flow gas water which was not heating and install new Bosch 16H Hydropower Gas.
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  • Merrylands, Western Sydney – Repair no hot water Bosch 25E Highflo which was 4 years old – reset the printed circuit board.


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